How to get a Labradoodle puppy

Adoption Process

We are so happy you are here and can’t wait to help match you with your Forever Loyal labradoodle!

Our puppies here at Forever Loyal Labradoodles live with us in our home. They get love and socialize from day one and are raised among our kids, other dogs, and the chaos of our busy lives. They will get used to lots of different noises, touches, smells, etc. We want to give your fur babies the best possible start, and love doing it! Australian Labradoodles make a fantastic addition to your family with their non shedding allergy friendly coat, friendly easy-going disposition, and their lovable personalities makes them wonderful lifelong companions. Labradoodles are sweet natured, intelligent and are very eager to please, making them great family pets, terrific companions for anyone seeking the unconditional love of a wonderful new friend. We cannot wait to meet you and have you become part of our Forever Loyal family.

We do extensive health testing on all of our breeding dogs, and take extra measures to promote the health and well-being of our puppies. All Forever Loyal pet puppies go home on a strict spay/neuter contract where they must be altered by 8 months of age. Spay/neuter is NOT an option but a requirement per signed contract. Reminders will be sent.

The Questionnaire

Fill out and submit the Puppy Questionnaire. Here, you will answer all the questions needed to match you with a Forever Loyal Labradoodle puppy. Once we receive and review your application we will contact you by phone or email within 1-3 business days to ask you any other questions we might have, and to let you know if you have or have not been approved for a puppy.

Deposit + Payment

To adopt your new Forever Loyal Labradoodle we require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on the reservation list. This deposit will be applied towards the total pet puppy price of $3,200. Please keep in mind the full payment amount is due when the puppies are 5 weeks old. Forever Loyal Labradoodles reserves the right to release your spot on the reservation list if payment is not received on time.

In Between + Pick up

Once the litter is born you will receive a birth announcement. First photos will be sent out at 1 week old. We will also be posting updates, photos and videos of the puppies on our Instagram and Facebook pages. At seven weeks of age after we have done a full assessment of the litter we match puppies with their families. Our evaluation of the puppy’s temperament in conjunction with the adoptive family preferences stated in the application are all taken into consideration. Pick-up date will be given once puppies are born and that is usually when they are eight weeks old.

We are so happy you are here!

What’s Included

Puppy Matching

At 7 weeks after we have done a full assessment of the litter, we begin to match the puppies with their new families. Our evaluation of the puppies in conjunction with the adoptive families puppy application and email or phone conversations, we will match the puppies for you to provide you with the perfect match for your home. It is easy to chose from a photo however, personalities are not expressed through one photo alone and the puppy can end up having a personality completely opposite of what you were expecting. Puppy matching is the best way for us to ensure that your family will end up with the puppy you have been wanting, and is the reason we do not allow families to choose a puppy simply based on photos alone. Our puppies will be living with us in our home giving us lots of time to get familiar with all the puppies and their different cute little personalities. We will always be honest with all our families about what we see in the puppies to help ensure the best match! We temperament test, as well as own evaluations from living with the pups!

Pick Up & Shipping Options

A pick up date will be placed once the puppies are born. They will not leave our care until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old.

Option 1 – On pick up day, families come out to our home and pick up puppy. We love meeting our new Forever Loyal families!

Option 2 – If you are located in another state and would like to adopt one of our Forever Loyal puppies you or a family member can fly to Portland (PDX Airport) to pick up your pup directly from us, unless you would like to drive. We can meet you at the airport with your puppy and the necessary supplies for travel, health cert., puppy supplies, and puppy travel carrier and then the puppy can travel home with you on the plane. The cost of this option including supplies is $150.

Option 3 – Flight Nanny Services. If you choose this option, we will be your personal flight nanny and meet you at the airport of your choice. We will personally take care of your puppy throughout the day as we fly them to you! Your new little one will fly in the cabin with us and never leave our side! We will then personally hand off your new puppy to you!! There will be additional charges for the option.

Option 4 – Deliver your puppy. If you choose this option we will drive your puppy to your home or meet half way once we select a day. We will bring your puppy in our car and meet you at your desired location up to 4 hours away from Warren, OR. This option will be an additional charge.

We do not offer Cargo shipping for our Labradoodles.

The typical pet carry on fee is $100.00. You must notify the airline about your intention to bring a pet on board to confirm availability.

Visitation Policy

Here at Forever Loyal Labradoodles we understand how exciting this time is for you! But as a health precaution, we are not open to the general public for visits. This is to protect our property, momma dogs and puppies from disease that may come in on someone’s hands, clothing or shoes. The health and safety of our all our dogs and puppies is of utmost importance. We know how excited you all are to meet your new puppy! We appreciate your patience and understanding so much. Thank You!

Let’s find your Forever Loyal Labradoodle.

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