The Important Role of

Becoming a Guardian

Our breeding program is designed around placing our breeding dogs in guardian homes with their own forever families! Our program is designed this way to benefit everyone involved: the dog, the breeder, and the Guardian who gets to welcome a very special dog into their family! We are not a kennel breeder and we do not believe in rehoming dogs after their breeding career has ended. We believe that every dog deserves a family they can call their own! Our guardian homes offer local families an opportunity to have a top quality “pick of the litter” Australian Labradoodle puppy for a family pet without the expense of purchasing a puppy.

Forever Loyal retains ownership and breeding rights for the time being while the puppy/dog lives with their forever guardian family.

Common Guardian Questions



Do we get to Choose the Puppy?

No, Forever Loyal will decide on the pick of the litter. If the puppy/dog is not your preferred gender, guardian may pass and wait for the next oppoturinity.

Is There a Cost for the puppy?

We do not charge a fee for puppies that are part of our Guardianship Program. However we do retain the ownership and breeding rights of the puppy/dog, until the guardian contract is completed.

Are There Specific Requirements?

Yes, you must own your own home, have a well fenced yard or property, live within 2 hours of us (Forever Loyal), provide all transportation for the puppy/dog, and have a stable schedule that does not leave your puppy/dog left alone for an extended period of time.

What are the Responsibilities?

You must follow our feeding guidelines, use our required groomers, and use our required vet while the puppy/dog is in our Guardianship program. You are also responsible for the general wellness and cost for – veterinary check ups, vaccines, monthly heart worm prevention, flea/tick prevention, exercise, grooming, training and socialization.

Do we Have Ownership Over Puppies?

No, we (Forever Loyal Labradoodles) retain the ownership and breeding rights while the puppy/dog lives with the guardian family. Please read below for timeline example and information.

What age do you start breeding the dog?

We will breed females on their second heat cycle, but no earlier that 14 months of age.

What happens when she is ready to have her puppies?

You will bring her to us one week before her due date so she has time to settle in. We will whelp, ween, and raise the puppies. We will have her approx. 5-7 weeks.

Can we visit her when she has the puppies?

No visitors are allowed due to the risk of bringing in a lethal virus to the puppies. The mom is VERY focused on her babies while she is with us.

How it works – The timeline

Part 1

At the beginning of your guardianship with a Forever Loyal Labradoodle, you will receive information on your puppy once your questionnaire is approved. When the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age you will be able to take your puppy home. You are required to stay updated on all medical and veterinary needs at all times. At this time you will be responsible for all general veterinary needs, supplies, and grooming. Breeder will be responsible for the cost of all health testing and breeding appointments.

Part 2

For Females: When your Doodle begins her breeding journey she will come back to us (Forever Loyal) one week before her due date where she will stay until all puppies are weaned (around 6 weeks).

For males: We will have him come visit us for a short period of the day or he may need to stay for a few days.

Part 3

Transfer of ownership will take place once the dogs are done with the Breeding Program and have been spayed or neutered at our expense.

For females transfer of ownership takes place after her 4th litter. And for males transfer of ownership take place between the age of 4-5 years old.

If You are

Interested in Becoming a Guardian

Please Contact Us After you fill out the Puppy Questionnaire.

The Family

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