The Fur & Human Family


Please enjoy the pics of our family! We believe in strong family bonds and breeding dogs with a purpose to help build families and mend hearts.

The Human


Hello! We are the Ervin’s! We are so excited that you are here looking at our photo gallery pictures! We are a very close family who loves to go on trips together! Shane is “Dad” and Mom is Jenn! Brooklyn is our oldest daughter, and she is 18. She is the one holding Redford. She enjoys spending time with her horses and hiking, and is hoping to become a labor and delivery nurse. Marissa is next and she is 17. She is holding Boomer the Boston terrier. She enjoys spending time with her horses and paddle boarding, and is hoping to become a Fertility Specialist. Then we have our son Carson, he is 13. Carson enjoys Baseball, golf, fishing and hunting. He is wanting to become a Welder.

The Fur


Yes! These are all our fur babies!! So we will start with the oldest, and that is Jazzy! She is the one who is almost all white. She is 11 and we rescued her when she was 8 weeks old and she is Carsons dog. Next is Boomer! He is a 4 year old Boston Terrier and he is Marissa’s dog! Then we have Redford (the red and white one)! He is a 2 year old Australian Labradoodle! Redford is one of our dogs that we are guardians for and he is Brooklyns dog! Next up is Mavis! (chocolate, with white chest) she is 1.5 years old Australian Labradoodle. Mavis is our second dog that we are guardians for and she is Jenn’s (Mom) dog. And last but not least is Miss Gerogia! (solid chocolate one) She is almost 2 years old and is also an Australian Labradoodle! She is the first dog we purchased for our breeding program.

The Family

Thank you for visiting our website. We are Forever Loyal Labradoodles. Our program is focused on quality and we breed with purpose.


Please fill out a “puppy questionnaire”. This gives us your contact information and tells us what you are looking for. We make Forever matches.

How It Works

We make the process easy. Please click the link to “Adoption Process” and see the process to get a Forever Loyal Labradoodle.

Praise For Forever Loyal Labradoodles

Shelly & Teddy (Buddha)

“Thank you so much for blessing us with him! He is super smart and doing so good with potty training! He is loving farm life and has so much fun feeding the animals with me. The ducks are his favorite. I take him everywhere with me.”

Anne Marie Martin & Theo (Budder Ball)

“He’s doing so good! He has the cutest personality too! I honestly feel like you guys have set us up for success like he is the best puppy and everyone who has meet him is amazed by him”

Espinosa Family & Maya (Rose Bud)

“She has been really good for us at home, boys are really good at taking care of her. We are seeing Maya bring some good qualities in them, and she matches their energy. You really done an amazing job with her.”

Christin & Gus (Mud Bud)

“I am so in love! And our kids are over the moon! He loves the car! He’s already sitting for us with “treats” and going potty outside! Gus is amazing, he is such a love!”

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