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The Beginnings

Hi, and welcome to Forever Loyal Labradoodles! We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on 5 acres of land. We are a small family breeder of Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Dogs have always been a huge part of our family. We were first introduced to Labradoodles several years ago by some friends of ours that raise them. Upon first meeting them we realized how intelligent, silly, and playful these dogs are. Their coats were so amazingly soft, it was like hugging a teddy bear. Shortly after that we made the decision to become a guardian family for two of their breeding dogs, Redford and Mavis. That’s when we truly fell in love with these amazing dogs and they just completely stole hearts. It was just love at first sight!

We as breeders specialize in the exceptional health and temperament of our puppies. Australian labradoodles are extra special because of there non shedding allergy friendly coat. Even though they are none shedding and allergy friendly they have exceptionally soft and fluffy coats. All of our breeding dogs undergo multiple health tests to ensure that are puppies are as healthy and happy as can be! As breeders we want to provide you with top bloodlines to ensure that you will have the most gentle, inteligent and loving companion!

Our goal here at Forever Loyal Labradoodles is to produce happy, healthy and sound Australian Labradoodle puppies, with wonderful temperaments. We are not a kennel operation so, all of our dogs either live with us or in a forever loving guardian home. All of our puppies are raised in the comfort of our home, with our family, so they are socialized and ready to be loved on by your family.

The Family

Thank you for visiting our website. We are Forever Loyal Labradoodles. Our program is focused on quality and we breed with purpose.


Let’s find your forever Doodle! Take a look a tour beautiful puppies before making your reservation.

How It Works

We make the process easy. Please click the link to see the process to get a Forever Loyal Labradoodle.

Praise For Forever Loyal Labradoodles

Anne Marie Martin & Theo (Budder Ball)

“He’s doing so good! He has the cutest personality too! I honestly feel like you guys have set us up for success like he is the best puppy and everyone who has meet him is amazed by him”

Espinosa Family & Maya (Rose Bud)

“She has been really good for us at home, boys are really good at taking care of her. We are seeing Maya bring some good qualities in them, and she matches their energy. You really done an amazing job with her.”

Christin & Gus (Mud Bud)

“I am so in love! And our kids are over the moon! He loves the car! He’s already sitting for us with “treats” and going potty outside! Gus is amazing, he is such a love!”

Shelly & Teddy (Buddha)

“Thank you so much for blessing us with him! He is super smart and doing so good with potty training! He is loving farm life and has so much fun feeding the animals with me. The ducks are his favorite. I take him everywhere with me.”

-Damian & Ghost (B-Dawg)

“This dog is so damn amazing, holy moly! Everything is going amazing! We really appreciate you! Ghost is the best thing in the world!! Literally my best friend! Sierra and I love him so much!”

Jill & Jennifer Winston (Clove) Logan (Pumpkin)

He’s so amazing. Literally the best doggo. We are so lucky and in love with him. He’s truly the best little guy. We absolutely Love him. He is so special, and fits in with us so perfectly. Thank You 🙏🏼 for what You do! More Breeders should take a lesson! I tell Everyone about how awesome you and your methods are outstanding.

Bruce & Diann Autumn

She is the calmest puppy ever! Love her so much. She’s so amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for everything. You guys are the best. She is the absolute apple of our eye and she owns our hearts. She is just the best thing we ever could’ve hoped for.”

Calahan Family Cash (Spice)

“Little Cash is absolutely perfect. He fits in so perfectly. We are in love with him. He is such a good boy! He is so smart. We are obsessed with him! Thank you for such an amazing boy!”

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A Few

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

The carefully bred, Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle has a low to no-shedding coat and is allergy-friendly!

Are Labradoodles Easy To Train?

Labradoodles are highly intelligent dogs, very loyal and very eager to please which makes them easy to train.

Are Labradoodles Good with Kids And Other Dogs?

Labradoodles are known to be very playful and loving to children and other dogs making them the perfect family dog! They also adapt to new environments fairly easily so they can travel and move around with you in ease.

Do Labradoodles Have Any Major Health Problems?

Just like any dog, Labradoodles can be suspetable to health issues as they grow old. However, they are healthier than purebred AKC Labs due to their hybrid genes.

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